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Data entry mistakes

hurting your store?

TonyAbe improves the quality of outsourced data entry by establishing a foundation of instructions and examples that are simple to execute. We create powerful templates and protocols utilizing Comma Separated Value (CSV) and Extensible Markup Language (XML) products.


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How we can reduce data entry mistakes

Bulk Price Updates

Adjust every product or category profit margin in a single day without headache.

Master Templates

Reduce data entry mistakes by using one of our eCommerce platform CSV templates.

Data Clean Up

Data continuity is often neglected in a fast growing eCommerce store. We got your back.

Category Transfer

Product XYZ needs to be in category ABC but not in subcategory KLM. Confused? We aren’t.

Video Instruction

Reduce data entry instruction time with our easy to use custom tutorials.

Meta Tag Scrub

Clean meta tags render clean search results. Bulk update title and image alt tags.

eCommerce Platforms

TonyAbe can handle any data normalization or update project that revolves around the use of CSV and XML files. Our particular specialty are ecommerce stores.



BigCommerce utilizes an easy to use design wizard that allows the user to exude confidence when implementing design and graphic changes. Included in their product is a useful back office feature that helps newcomers and seasoned ecommerce merchants feel right at home.



Magento is built on open-source technology that provides online merchants with unparalleled flexibility and control over the look, content, and functionality of their ecommerce store. Magento's backend features powerful marketing, search engine optimization, and catalog management tools.



Shopify boasts a user-friendly interface, flexibility, and an in-depth educational support. It has a simple web design interface with a plethora of shopping cart add-ons. First rate administration tools and security are just icing on the cake for this popular ecommerce solutions.



WooCommerce can turn any Wordpress blog into a full fledge online store and is completely free. Designed for the small to medium-sized online merchants, WooCommerce is supported by a variety of simple to install responsive themes and plugins to expand your online store’s capabilities.

Package Deals

TonyAbe offers levels of package deals for cost saving. A full list of our à la carte services can be found here.



  • 100 Price Update
  • 20 Meta Scrub
  • 1 Template
  • No Instructional Video
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  • 200 Price Update
  • 40 Meta Scrub
  • 1 Template
  • 1 Instructional Video
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  • 400 Price Update
  • 80 Meta Scrub
  • 2 Templates
  • 2 Instructional Videos
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À la Carte


  • Only What You Need
  • Mix & Match
  • For Small Businesses
  • Save on Bulk Purchase
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